Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maxs 15th Birthday

Birthday morning / great sign in the background
MAX TURNS 15!!!!

Max turned 15 on Valentines Day, February 14. 
Somehow 15 seems so much older than 14....
We celebrated the usual Tipton way,
An awesome birthday sign,
A fabulous breakfast (strawberry crepes)
Dinner at the restaurant of your choice.
We also had a fun birthday party for Max, he
invited 4 friends and we took them to jump street
in Phoenix.  Being the hard core, par kour guys
they are they LOVED it.  He is such a great kid!
Birthday pyramid


Sunday, February 5, 2012


So our baby girl turned 20, wow, 20!  Jonathan and I planned a fun, crazy, birthday adventure for her.  True to Tipton style it was a bit crazy, but very fun:)  Chelsea had 12 locations around Prescott to find and take a picture of her and her crew at.  She ended up at the base of Thumb Butte and had to dig for her treasure, it was a foot or so under and the chest was filled with gift cards.  Each member  of the crew had to be wearing some pirate effect the whole time. 

The rules of the hunt
Clue #1 - The graveyard

Mutiny amongst the crew!
Thumb Butte

Happy 20th Chelsea Elise!