Monday, July 23, 2012


May was a busy month!  Jonathan wrapped up his senior year and graduated from High School. Max and Jake participated in the Whiskey Row Marathon.  The much anticipated Avengers movie came out.  Brig danced in his Cinco de Mayo celebration at school.  Chelsea finished up her 2nd year of college - graduating with honors from the culinary program.  The annual dad/kid hike happened and Brig got to go for the first time.  They hiked along a creek by Cottonwood.  Jay and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, we spent the weekend in Sedona, exploring and hiking.  Jonathan graduated from Seminary.  Those are some of the hilights along with at least 100 other important things that took place:)


Jonathan and friends at AVENGERS premier

Jonathan dressed Brig up and took him to Avengers

Cinco de Mayo - Brig, Brendan, and Ben

Dancin to De Colores

Whiskey Row Marathon - Max 1st place, Jake 6th