Saturday, April 28, 2012


Josh and Alysha came for a visit.  Our family LOVES to have them visit.  Especially Brig, he mopes around for days after they leave, missing his cousins terribly:(
 We had alot of fun, it was Unlce Joshs b'day, the kids made him quite a fancy bday outfit (robe, straw hat with balloon attatched, etc) and Alysha and I made some delicious strawberry lemonade (lots of lemons later...).
Uncle Josh - 39th b'day

 On Saturday we headed up to Goldwater lake and tried out our new kyacks.  We had a fun picnic, it was a beautiful day!

Goldwater Lake - Brig, Rio, & Desi

Josh & Alysha

Tiny Capri

beautiful weather

Jake & Kai
 Chelsea came up to see the family, and of course we can't have an event without a couple of quick poses!:)
Hilarious quick pose
Im always thankful they make an effort to come see us, with 5 little ones it's not an easy trip.  We love you guys!!


Our family went to Mesa for Easter this year to spend time with family.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather and visiting with family. 
Ready for the hunt

Enjoying family

Chelsea, Nixie, and Delila

Little Winston trying to pull the boys