Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brigs Great Month

Brig had a great month of February!
Here are some of his accomplishments
1. He was an alternate for the school spelling bee
    He DID NOT want to participate for fear of stage fright.
    He ended up participating and got 2nd Place!

2. Brig worked hard on his science fair project,
    "Does your heart rate increase while playing video games?"
     After playing many video games (all the brothers participated)
     and taking alot of heart rates, he concluded that YES they did.
     For all his efforts Brig got 1st place at his school!

First Pinewood Derby
3.  Brig also got to participate in his first
     pinewood derby.
     He worked very hard on his car with his
     dad, they changed the design a couple of
     times, the wheel broke off and had to be
    super glued back on, the tires were a bit
    uneven, but he was excited to race it.  We 
    explained that he might not win, and that it
    was just for fun:).  Our stake had two race
    dates and Brig participated in both,
    He got 1st place at both pinewood derbys! 

Each time someone in our family accomplishes something GREAT or HARD we have a little
celebration.  This month Brig was the recipient of THREE celebrations.  We call them,
 "FOR HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW" celebrations.  We sing the for he's a jolly good fellow song then light some candles and stick them in whatever we are eating that night.  Brig has had
alot of chances this month to know how great we think he is!

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