Monday, October 31, 2011

Best Day at the ZOO

The Zookeeper let us go into the enclosure
 This tortoise loved Brig, and it was fast! It tried to climb right up his chest and at 70 lbs Brig got a bit nervous.  When it was straddling his leg Brig looked at me and said, "A little help here...!" He could not get it off :)  (I took a few pics... then I helped)

The same extra cool zookeeper asked the boys if they wanted to see a snake.
Did he even need to ask?

The boys were too little to hold it, I kindof wished I was to  little too.

Of all the animals at the zoo, Brig insisted on taking this shot.  We see coyotes almost daily in our backyard
What about a picture of the Tiger?
I don't know how we hooked up with the coolest Zookeeper in Prescott, but it was one of our best visits to date!  I only wished we had more time!

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