Thursday, October 20, 2011


You can tell the boys are SUPER excited...( this is 1/2 hour into our trip)

But once we got on the boat...they livened up

JONATHAN and COLDEN getting warm

We camped for 3 nights at Lake Pleasant, the weather was beautiful, the friends were fun, and the wildlife was a little strange (we were woken up by a heard of wild, braying donkeys at 3 am, woken up the next night by two skunks, partying it up right next to our tent, this included odd sounds and terrible scents!

CHELSEA could not be shaken

JAKE made it look easy

JAKE jumped off the ramp

MAX popped up his first try

Even JAY still had the moves
 Max and Jake had fun flipping and pushing each other off the dock.  I must say here that I totally got up on the wake board, I know there are no photos to prove it...but it happened!  All in all it was  a great little trip and after our fun at the lake I headed down to Mesa to visit Chelsea and the rest of the Tipton Crew.  The kids enjoyed cousins and finally got to go to Jump Street.

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